1) What is my total cost?

It is the cost per sq ft of the material you select times the total footage needed (rounded up to the nearest box size) plus the freight cost and sales tax (Nevada sales).

2) How is the freight cost calculated?

Freight cost is the actual cost we incur to ship your order. It is calculated based upon your zip code destination and whether it is going to a residence, business or being picked up at the freight carriers local terminal.  You will always have the option to cancel your order if the freight cost exceeds your expectation.

3) Why can't I complete the entire order thru the website only?

We know from over 30 yrs experience that flooring purchases should not be a "kiosk" type of transaction just like a car or home purchase. Therefore, with us you speak to a flooring professional with no less than 10 years in the industry who will answer your questions and look out for your best interests in selecting the perfect floor.